Request Procedure

The request procedure provides a means of communication between the person in custody and staff. The request must be in writing via the Kiosk in the housing unit, the form is to be filled in completely and must state the exact request of the person in custody. The appropriate personnel at the lowest possible level shall handle the request.

Grievance/Complaint Procedure

The grievance/complaint procedure provides a means of allowing you to express a complaint in a constructive manner, which will assist the Montrose County Detention Facility in maintaining fair, and humane Jail Administration policies.

The person in custody may petition the Jail Commander to revise/revoke or amend and existing Jail Policy, Procedure, Rule, or Regulation.

The petition shall be considered only when it is submitted in writing via the Kiosk in the housing unit, and sets forth the exact item being grieved. The person in custody is encouraged to submit with each petition supporting materials regarding the grievance/complaint and any recommendation for the change.

Upon receipt of the petition, the Jail Commander or dcsignee shall consider the petition, assign it for review, and decide the process for review (summary or hearing). The Jail Commander or designee shall notify the person in custody in writing or orally within 72 hours (3 consecutive working days) of these determinations.

Upon submission of each petition and within a reasonable time, not to exceed thirty days, the Jail Commander or designee shall report in writing his decision and findings. Copies of these shall be made available to some or all parties to the petition.

The person in custody will not be punished formally or informally solely for using the grievance/complaint procedure.

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