Dear Montrose County Citizens,

It has been an honor to serve as the Sheriff of Montrose County for the past four years and I look forward to another productive four years. I am a Colorado native,  growing up in Telluride and Cedaredge. My family and I settled in Montrose County where we’ve lived for the last 47 years. My wife Deb and I have two daughters, two son-in-laws and one grandson. I was  fortunate to be hired in 1976 as a full time patrolman for the City of Montrose, where I spent 43 years and retired as a Commander.  I have witnessed the growth and  expansion in the city and county over the years and I feel blessed to live in a such safe and vibrant community.  I believe that the strong law enforcement presence that has embraced our community over the years has greatly impacted the strength of our community in the past and present.

Since I took office in early 2019, the Montrose County Sheriff’s office has been a strong law enforcement leader.  We have worked closely with local, state, federal and surrounding county agencies and have also partnered with local businesses, schools, non- profits, and service clubs in Montrose County.  I embrace the concept of rural and community policing by working with our community partners to solve problems and to enforce our county, state and federal laws. I am a Sheriff for all residents of Montrose County and the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office staff and I will continue to provide service to all residents in Montrose County. Our Motto is to Protect and Serve with Integrity, Service and Honesty. If you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Gene R. Lillard

Sheriff Gene Lillard