Citizens' Law Enforcement Academy

Congratulations Graduates of the 2017 Citizens’ Law Enforcement Academy!

Applications for the 2018 Citizens’ Law Enforcement Academy will be posted in the Fall of 2018.




Kudos to Law Enforcement

I want to praise the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office for having a Citizens’ Law Enforcement Academy. This is a 12-week class each fall and worth your while to attend.  It was very interesting and a learning experience and also entertaining and fun. I recommend everyone to attend their classes. It is very enlightening as to what these Officers need to know, how to operate and all the things they experience and go through. The officers did a great job explaining it all to us and were very good in answering any questions we asked them. It was also nice to meet the officers who did the program.

Anyway, I was glad I went and I give these officers a lot of credit for taking the time to present these classes.

Melba Pauli

Graduate of the 2017 Citizens' Academy, Montrose County Citizen