We accept bonds 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. We only accept cash and or surety bonds. We do not handle property bonds. A surety bond is done through a bondsman and you should contact them first (please refer to your local phone directory), prior to coming to the jail.

Cash bonds are the full amount of the bond as set by the court, plus a $10 bonding fee assessment for each bond written. For safety – if an inmate has an extremely high cash bond, the jail will accept a cashier’s check written on a verifiable bank check or a money order payable to the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office. The jail will not accept personal checks for any amount. A $30 booking fee is assessed to an inmate’s account, that is not required to be paid prior to release.

Bail Bonds

The bonding process is that in which the person in custody puts up a determined amount of cash for one of different types of bond to secure their release while awaiting their court hearing.

The person in custody will be given every opportunity to arrange for procuring his/her own release by posting a bond through:
a. A licensed Bail Bondsman
b. Acquisition of the correct amount of cash from another source or sources to post his/her bond.
c. All cash bonds shall be posted through the Stellar Teller/Jail ATM Kiosk in the visitation lobby. online through www.jailatm.com. or through the kiosk located in booking.

Types of bonds include:

a. Property Bond: This type of bond must be requested and handled through the courts, as they require equity in a home or other types of real property.
b. Cash Bond: The full amount of the bond is required in cash only. Any method of payment other than cash is unacceptable.
c. Surety Bond: This type of bond must be handled through a professional licensed bonding agent. The person in custody may choose any agent he/she wishes from the lists from any local phone book. Detention Staff shall not recommend any bonding agent.
d. Personal Recognizance or PR Bond: The judge may release a person in custody on their own personal recognizance.

Only Cash and Credit Cards will be accepted for cash bond. Personal checks will not be accepted at the Montrose County Detention Facility. All cash and credit card transactions by the public must be submitted through the Stellar Teller/Jail ATM Kiosk located in the visitation lobby or online through www.jailatm.com.


$30 Booking Fee (not charged to those here on a WRIT from another County Facility)
$5.50 Welcome Pack Fee (upon transfer to the housing unit from holding)
$10 Bond Fee (for each bond posted)

** Pursuant to HB21-1280: Bond fees, Booking Fees, and other fees or debts never need to be paid to secure a person’s release on money bond**

Online Bonding

Online Bonding is now possible!
Friends and Family can now bond people in custody using online bonding. Here are the steps that need to be followed:
1. Contact the Montrose County Jail Booking Desk at (970) 252-4071 to schedule a Bond. Please make sure you call no less than an hour before you want to bond the person in custody.
2. Go to www.jailatm.com (at the time scheduled for the Bond).
a. Choose Send Money Now
b. Log into your account/Create an account
c. Choose State (Colorado)
d. Choose Facility (Montrose County Jail)
e. Search for the Inmate (by Last Name or Inmate ID#)
f. Choose Inmate (click on inmate name)

Once the funds have been received by the Montrose County Jail, the person in custody will be released pending processing.

All inmates are charged a $10 bond fee for each bond posted.
Pursuant to House Bill 21-1280: Bond fees, Booking fees, and other fees or debts never need to be paid to secure a person’s release on money bond.

Legal Rights

Legal Rights Related to Posting Money Bond Pursuant to Section 16-4-102, Colorado Revised Statutes

  1. Bond fees, booking fees, and other fees or debts never need to be paid to secure a person’s release on money bond. A payor need only pay the bond amount in order to secure release.
  2. While never a basis to hold a defendant in jail, the following fees are chargeable as a debt to the defendant after release if the payor chooses not to pay the fees at the time of bonding: a $10 bond fee and a maximum 3 .5%credit card payment fee. No other bond-related fees may be charged at any time, including any kiosk fees or fees for payment by cash, check, or money order.
  3. Bond payments are to be made out to the holding county and are never to be made out in the name of the incarcerated person.
  4. A sheriff must release a defendant within six hours after a personal recognizance bond is set and the defendant has returned to jail or within six hours after a cash bond has been set and the defendant has returned to jail and the defendant or surety notified the jail that bond is prepared to be posted, unless extraordinary circumstances exist. In the event of a delay of more than six hours, a surety and the defendant have a right to know what, if any, extraordinary circumstance is causing the delay. Supervisory conditions of release do not justify a delay in release; except that a sheriff may hold a defendant for up to 24 hours if necessary to ensure a defendant is fitted with required electronic monitoring.
  5. Anyone who posts a money bond has the right to receive a copy of the bond paperwork, including documentation of the next upcoming court date.
  6. A surety may never be asked to use posted bond money to pay a defendant’s debts. Only when defendants have posted their own money bond may they be asked if they would like to voluntarily relinquish bond money to pay their debts. Relinquishment of bond money by a defendant to pay a debt is never required and is entirely a voluntary choice by the defendant.

To file a complaint about violations of these provisions contact by Email jailsgts@montrosecounty.net or by phone at 970 252 4072.

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