Montrose, COLO.—The unincorporated area of Montrose County will be in stage 1 fire restrictions beginning Monday, June 21. Seasonal high temperatures, worsening dry conditions, and the heightening planning level of wildfire resources were the deciding factors to take this precautionary measure. Additionally, there have been a handful of unattended campfires reported this year.

“We are in a severe drought and measures need to be taken to keep our public lands and community safe,” said Sheriff Lillard. “This is the smart and responsible thing to do for our community. We are continuing to meet with federal land and regional partners to monitor conditions. We appreciate the public’s help in taking measures to prevent wildfires in our area.”

The restrictions apply to the unincorporated county area and do not include the City of Montrose, Town of Olathe, Town of Naturita, and Town of Nucla. The stage 1 fire restrictions do not allow open burning of any kind to include agricultural burning, open campfires, and fireworks. Smoking cigarettes outdoors is not allowed, unless in an enclosed vehicle or building or in a developed recreation site. Campfires in a pre-approved campground, State Park/KOA, or enclosed fire pits are permitted. As a reminder, fireworks on publicly managed lands are prohibited.

Please be advised that penalties for violating the fire ban include: Class-2 petty offense with fines ranging from $100 to $500 depending on the number of offenses. If a fire causes damage to another individual’s property, additional criminal charges may apply. These fire restrictions will remain in effect until further notice.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Fact Sheet