Montrose, COLO.—Montrose County is working with SWCA Environmental Consultants to update the Critical Community Wildfire Watershed Protection Plan ( CWP2). This plan will identify wildfire danger around communities, surrounding landscapes, and local watersheds. The plan also makes recommendations for reducing flammable vegetation and flammability of buildings. The CWPwill also make recommendations to improve fire response capabilities.  

“This plan helps identify priority areas for fuel reduction areas. It also helps the county be more competitive when applying for grants,” said Montrose County Director of Emergency Management, Scott Hawkins. “One of the most important parts of the plan is resident involvement. Public feedback is a very important part of the plan. Please take time to fill out the survey as this helps drive strategies moving forward.”

A CWP2 helps the county and landowners reduce the impacts and occurrence of a major wildfire. The plan locates areas at risk and recommends actions to decrease those risks. Montrose County completed their existing wildfire plan in March of 2011. The new plan reviews, confirms, and/or identifies new priority areas that need work. Local, state, and federal officials have been meeting with the county and contractor to provide input. In addition, Montrose County is asking for resident feedback to help shape the county’s CWP2.

The county has an interactive website called a story map for public information about the plan. Residents are encouraged fill out the short survey on the story map that is important for public input. The story map allows for easy updates of information as conditions change. To view the story map, click here. The survey is available in English and Spanish.

The CWPwill be a guiding document for fire and emergency managers and public land agencies. Please contact Director of Emergency Management Scott Hawkins at or 970-252-4043.  

Community Wildfire and watershed protection plan