Contact: Katie Yergensen, Montrose County Media Relations Manager, (970) 252-4505 or (970) 964-8701

Montrose County Lifts Fire Restrictions

Montrose, COLO.—After a recent downgrade in fire restrictions in mid-July, Montrose County Sheriff Rick Dunlap will lift fire restrictions starting at noon on July 27th. The overall relative humidity factor remains high, which is also a large part of the decision according to Sheriff Dunlap. Additionally, the large majority of surrounding counties and federal agencies are also lifting fire restrictions. Earlier this summer, the Board of County Commissioners passed Resolution 2018-30 that authorizes the Sheriff, the fire warden for the county, to implement and lift fire restrictions as necessary through the summer months.

“We are fortunate to have no human-started wildfires in Montrose County to date,” said Sheriff Dunlap. “I would encourage the public to remain vigilant and wise when it comes to any type of fire. Thank you to the firefighters and support personnel that have worked fighting fires in Colorado this year.”

The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor conditions, and restrictions may be reinstated at any time. The public is urged to call dispatch at 970-252-4020 prior to and after completing any burning. This both alleviates calls from the concerned public and helps deputies monitor and patrol. For information on restrictions for counties and agencies in the Seventh Judicial District, please visit