Montrose County Dog Ordinance: What You Need to Know

Montrose County has a dog ordinance that regulates the ownership and care of dogs in the county. The ordinance is designed to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community and its residents.

Some of the key provisions of the ordinance include:
• Dogs are not allowed to run at-large.
• Owners of at-large dogs can be fined up to $300.
• Owners of vicious dogs can be fined. If your dog kills a neighbor’s chicken or livestock, additional fines can apply.

If you see a dog that is at-large, please call dispatch at (970) 249-9110.

Commander Bruce Schmalz stressed the importance of keeping dogs contained. He said that the number of at-large dogs in the Redvale area has increased in recent months. He warned that at-large dogs can be a danger to livestock and other animals. Livestock owners have the right to defend their stock if a dog is found running, worrying, or injuring sheep, cattle, or other livestock.

“It is our job as pet owners to keep our dogs contained,” Commander Schmalz said. “If we don’t, we could be putting our dogs at risk, and we could also be putting other animals at risk.”

Read the entire dog ordinance.

Graphic to say keep your dogs at home because dogs at large can subject the dog owner to a $300 fine.