Montrose, COLO.—The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office is now home to a Coda device drug analysis system. The Coda device is a portable computer unit that utilizes a Raman spectrometer for data collection that provides a presumptive test that is critical for officer and community safety.

“The Coda device is a great addition to the tools we have at the sheriff’s office,” said Lieutenant Ben Halsey who is the main device operator. “In years past, deputies would open suspected controlled substance containers in the field and use presumptive test kits involving plastic containers, reactive agents, and more. This practice was revoked for officer safety, yet it also removed our ability to add presumptive results to an official report.”

With the increase in heroin and the threat of fentanyl, additional precautions are necessary to avoid potentially fatal exposure to opioids such as carfentanyl. The software in the device can identify over 38,000 known illicit narcotics and controlled substances, prescriptions and cutting agents. The suspected narcotics do not have to be taken out of the original packaging to be tested, which prevents deputies from being exposed to possible life-threatening substances. The cost of the device was approximately $20,000. Like the rest of the tools the MCSO has, the use of the Coda device is available to local law enforcement agencies. For more information about the MCSO, please visit