PRE-EVACUATION notice sent to homes on Ragsdale Road in regard to the #UpperMailboxFire.

A CodeRED notification was sent to residents in the pre-evacuation area.

For those who receive a pre-evacuation notice, the following steps can improve your safety and expedite departure should an evacuation become necessary.

Inside the house:
• Gather medications
• Pack a bag with clothing and essentials
• Shut off air conditioning and fans
• Shut all windows and doors before leaving
• If you have time, gather paperwork and photographs that cannot be replaced

Outside the house:
• Gather flammable items and bring them inside (patio furniture, children’s toys, door mats, trash cans, etc.)
• Move propane BBQ appliances away from structures.
• Connect garden hoses to outside water valves or spigots for use by firefighters.
• Fill water buckets and place them around the house.
• Don’t leave sprinklers or water running; this can affect critical water pressure
• Leave exterior lights on so your home is visible to firefighters in the smoke or darkness of night.
• Back your car into the driveway with vehicle loaded and all doors and windows closed. Carry your car keys with you.

• Locate your pets and keep them nearby.
• Prepare livestock for transport and plan to move them to a safe location early
• Pack food and medications for your pets

To receive emergency notifications, including evacuation and pre-evacuation notices, on your cell phone or via email: