This is an extremely difficult decision and we hope to resume normal operations as soon as we possibly can.

Due to the unprecedented situation facing our country, the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office will not be responding to CONTAINED stray canines and RESIDENT OBSERVED/REPORTED stray canine complaints for the foreseeable future.  All other concerns regarding animal issues of a public safety concern, such as aggressive/vicious dogs , bite complaints, and welfare concerns will be addressed appropriately.  This decision has been difficult but based on current protocols, it is the place we find ourselves.

For those who are not aware, the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office has a contract with the City of Montrose to provide sheltering services for those canines we cannot return to their owners when found running at large.  The City of Montrose Animal Shelter is currently closed to the general public and shelter management has also been forced to make the difficult decision to not intake stray animals due to concerns over space available inside the shelter.  Not knowing how long we will find ourselves in this situation dictates preserving the precious space available within the shelter.

At this time, the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office is requesting all routine stray canines observed by residents be left alone and not contained.  We appreciate your understanding during this time and we hope to resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Image of Information from Sheriff