Montrose, COLO.— After over 11 years of service, Montrose County Sergeant Keith Sanders and Deputy K-9 Oxx are leaving the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office. This crime-fighting duo has been responsible for the recovering over 59 pounds of marijuana, 22.2 pounds of methamphetamine, 22 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, 303 grams of cocaine, 54 grams of heroin, and 407 grams of ecstasy. Deputy K-9 Oxx and Sgt. Sanders also recovered 38 weapons, completed 39 successful apprehensions, and recovered over $59,000 dollars from drug busts. The team has provided assistance in over 130 cases to other agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals, the Colorado State Patrol, and several other agencies within the Seventh Judicial District.

“The addition of K-9 Oxx was one of the highlights of my career,” said Sheriff Dunlap. “Both K-9 Oxx and Sergeant Sanders have been an asset to the Sheriff’s Office. From greeting a classroom of children to performing an open-air sniff on a vehicle suspected to have drugs, they have been a key to helping keep this community safe.”

“Deputy K-9 Oxx loves his job—he loves meeting new people in the community, keeping myself and the other deputies safe, and keeping drugs out of the schools. I would like to thank Chow Down Pet Supplies, Murdoch’s, and San Juan Vet Clinic for sponsoring the K-9 program and supporting Deputy K-9 Oxx and Trainee Roo,” said Sgt. Sanders. “I would also like to thank the community for their unconditional support of the program. Deputy K-9 Oxx, Trainee Roo, and I look forward to transitioning to Delta County and continuing to serve the Seventh Judicial District in the future,” said Sgt. Sanders.

Deputy K-9 Oxx is a Belgian Malinois who was acquired from the Little Rock K-9 Academy in 2011. He was certified in the detection of illegal narcotics/controlled substances, and then later Sgt. Sanders furthered his training and K-9 Oxx became certified in tracking and patrol work.

Deputy K-9 Oxx’s major accolades include: 2013 Patrol Case of the Year by the Colorado Police Canine Association; 2016 Colorado Police Canine Association; 2016 National Police Canine Association Northwest Case of the Year; and piles of awards from the 2017 and 2018 Colorado Police K-9 Challenge including fastest dog in 2017 at 34 miles per hour, first place hardest hitting, and first place obedience.

K-9 Oxx is known and admired for his affable demeanor by the public that loves him, and he is feared by those that tested his “work skills.” Deputy K-9 Oxx was victorious in every challenge he has ever faced with law enforcement suspects. He frequently visited schools to sniff for drugs, represented the MCSO at several community events, and made public appearances to daycare facilities, senior centers, and more.

Deputy K-9 Oxx, Trainee Roo, and Sgt. Sanders will continue to protect and serve the western slope community at the Delta County Sheriff’s Office starting in January. K-9 Oxx will be adopted by Sgt. Sanders upon departure from the MCSO. Trainee Roo is owned by Sgt. Sanders and will continue her training to take over for K-9 Oxx upon his official retirement as a law enforcement canine. Delta County Sheriff-Elect Mark Taylor has stated that the K-9 Unit will be available for calls throughout the Seventh Judicial District in the future as well. “I’m excited to have Sgt. Sanders, along with K-9 Oxx, and Trainee Roo join the team at the Delta County Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff-Elect Taylor. “I look forward to the continued success that Sgt. Sanders and K-9 Oxx had in Montrose County.”

The community is invited to join Deputy K-9 Oxx, Trainee Roo, and Sgt. Sanders for a farewell party at Chow Down Pet Supplies (202 East Main Street, Montrose) on Friday, December 28th from 3-5pm.