Included on this page is information to assist you in dealing with family or friends that are incarcerated within our jail. We are committed to provide for the safe, secure and wholesome care, custody and control of all inmates and detainees incarcerated here, according to statutory requirements and court mandates.


The Montrose County Jail has implemented Video Visitation. We offer video visitation in the Programs Lobby and offsite visitation via the internet. Check the video visitation schedule to find a time that best suits your needs . On site visits will be limited to one, ten minute visit per inmate, per week. Offsite visits are not limited but will be available only as offered on the above website.
The Montrose County Detention Center visitation is ADA compliant. These visits will be recorded and may be monitored during the visit.

Visitation privileges are subject to time allowances or other security factors and may be cancelled at any time with or without notice if deemed necessary by Administration or the Detention Supervisor.

Children will now be allowed to visit inmates at the Montrose County Detention Center both onsite and offsite with limitations to only one child at a time with an adult affecting onsite visits only to assist in maintaining control of the Programs Lobby.

Visitors must be appropriately dressed. Persons inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to visit. If an inmate or visitor displays inappropriate behavior, or becomes a threat to the safety of the facility, the visit will be terminated immediately and they may lose their privilege to future visitation.


Inmates are given one initial phone call that is free. Please note that the free phone call can only be made to local phone numbers. This is to attempt to bond or notify someone that they are in custody. Phone calls after this are either a collect call to the party or on a phone card that the inmate can purchase through the jail.


We accept bonds 24 hours a day, seven days a week including holidays. We only accept cash and or surety bonds. We do not handle property bonds. A surety bond is done through a bondsman and you should contact them first, prior to coming to the jail.

Cash bonds are the full amount of the bond as set by the court, plus a ten-dollar bonding fee. Inmates are also charged a thirty-dollar booking fee that must be paid prior to release. In other words you may have to add forty-dollars to the amount of the bond.


All correspondence to inmates should be addressed in the inmates name to the below address. Please be advised that all correspondence will be opened and inspected prior to being given to the inmate. Legal mail will be handled within the common practices of the industry. Packages will not be accepted.

Montrose County Jail
“Inmates name”
1200 North Grand Ave.
Montrose, CO 81401

Check with the inmate before sending any items as not all items are allowed in the facility. If the items sent are not allowed, the correspondence will be returned to you. We do not accept books. Packages will not be accepted. No magazines or hardback books are allowed.

You may contact your loved one by email or text message online through


Money must be delivered in person to the facility. No personal checks will be accepted. Funds can also be deposited through


Commissary may be purchased by the inmates in the event that they have the funds to do so. Family and/or friends may purchase commissary on the internet through our commissary provider. This may be accomplished on the internet by going to the Sterling Commissary website


If you have been sentenced to time in this facility, on your first visit you will be assessed a $30.00 (thirty-dollar) booking fee, please bring that with you.

When you arrive at the jail please come to the Visitation Lobby, press the button on the intercom to the left of door and advise the control technician why you are here. Someone will come out to meet you. You will need to produce photo identification.

Cell phone, cigarettes, lighters, knifes, and other weapons are not allowed into the facility. Please leave them with family or in your vehicle. It is best to bring as little with you as possible.

You must wear all “white” undergarments. Other than the thirty dollar booking fee, depending on your length of stay you may want to bring additional funds, as money will be deposited and returned to you when you leave in the form of a check or release money card, as directed by procedure.

The jail has a library; please do not bring any books with you or have books mailed or delivered.

Detention Center Contact

Deputy Mayer

(970) 252-4006

Programs Desk

(970) 252-4070