Montrose County Sheriff’s Office
Activity Blotter


0643 Hours Deputy performed an animal welfare check in the 14300 Block Marine Road.

0708 Hours Deputy took an informational report in the 1000 Block 6428 Road.

0711 Hours Deputies assisted Montrose PD with a disturbance in the 2100 Block Sara E Lane.

0936 Hours Deputy responded to a reported theft in the 59000 Block Ida Road.

0946 Hours Deputy assisted Montrose PD in looking for a runaway in the 62500 Block Highway 90.

1018 Hours Deputy assisted Grand Junction PD by looking for suspects in the 12400 Block 6450 Road.

1143 Hours Deputy was dispatched to a loud music complaint in the 16700 Block 6200 Road.

1239 Hours Deputy was contacted about a civil matter in the 83300 Block Deep Gulch Trail.

1331 Hours Deputy responded to a 911 open line in the 600 Block Fruit Park Road.

1545 Hours Deputy assisted the fire department in the 68000 Block Tumbleweed Road.

1633 Hours Deputy took an informational report in the 4900 Block North River Road.

1649 Hours Deputy was dispatched to a stray dog in the 61300 Block Jay Jay Road.

1750 Hours Arian Gonzalez, 23, was arrested on a warrant at the sheriff’s office.

1925 Hours Deputy assisted the ambulance in the 1600 Block 6400 Road.

2956 Hours Deputy responded to a report of suspicious activity in the 9600 Block 6075 Road.

2250 Hours Deputy took an informational report in the 9300 Block 6075 Road.

2333 Hours Deputy conducted a field interview in the 900 Block Spring Creek Road.


0019 Hours Deputies were dispatched to a disturbance at Sims Mesa and Happy Canyon Road.

Deputies Performed
8 Civil Processes
4 Directed Patrols
1 Security Check
4 VIN Inspections


Fultz, Alexander P 07/21/94
Delta, CO
By Department of Corrections
Parole Violation
No Bond

Bullard, Alexander J 03/29/94
Montrose, CO
By Montrose PD
Failure to Appear X 3
Bond $5250.00

Gonzalez, Arian 11/12/96
Montrose, CO
By Montrose SO
Failure to Appear
Bond $1500.00

Sanders, Becca L 02/22/96
Delta, CO
By Montrose PD
First Degree Criminal Trespass
Criminal Mischief
Bond $2500.00