Montrose County Sheriff’s Office West End
Activity Log

1051 Hours Deputy responded to the 400 block of Fox Street in Nucla for a medical assist.

1259 Hours Deputy assisted a citizen with a civil matter in the 21000 block of 600 Road in Paradox.

1312 Hours Deputy conducted a motorist assist on Highway 97 MM2 near Nucla.

1320 Hours Deputy conducted an agency assist in the 300 block of Main Street in Nucla.

1655 Hours Buck Dee Kimble, 42, was contacted at the sheriff’s office in Nucla and arrested for an outstanding warrant.

2142 Hours Deputy took an information report in the 4000 block of Highway 90 near Paradox.

2156 Hours Deputy responded to the 4000 block of U5 Road in Paradox for a 911 hang-up. Everything appeared okay.

1 directed patrol in County
2 civil processes in County
1 vin inspection in Nucla